Fitness dating Samsø

As a group indoor cycling instructor at two different clubs, I've used two of these headset/receiver sets in two different settings.They both have great speaking clarity, never any feedback, and are a dream to wear compared to the belt transmitter mics.Socks come in various colors, patterns designs and artworks which are exclusive and copyrighted, so you will not find them anywhere else!

I am very satisfied with the professionalism of the company!I am considering buying the same microphone headset as a back-up!It definitely has the features such as durability and sound quality that I look for in a microphone and hopefully it will be rugged enough that it will endure the in the long run!They fit well and are comfortable on anything from 5km to 20km.My originals were the black socks with a coloured panel and its nice to see different colours.

Fitness dating Samsø

I'll now be trying these socks out at work Arrived on time- good fit and do the job they are designed to do - prevent swollen ankles , nice and colourful to - they even have a L and R on the foot of each sock so you know which foot to put where !!!!!!!!I have been using these compression socks for quite a while and think they are great.You can normally feel the compression in other socks when you put them on; you can't feel the compression in these but they are supportive and comfortable.Other compression socks have shrunk over the years; maybe this will tighten them up a bit more with continued use /washing etc.The only option I would change it to have the option for a power adapter for plugging into to recharge vs. With daily use of the microphone the battery needs to be replaced more than I would like it to be. I usually like to have a back up microphone as in the case of my last microphone, broke within less than a year of daily use, the Samson77 microphone is much more durable and built to last.

The support technicians are highly trained and responded quickly when I needed to have a return for a shipping error ( delivered the wrong product)!

It is a wireless fitness headset which is nice that it does not need the belt pack.

I use this headset for teaching fitness class on a daily basis and it is definitely built for durability and high quality sound!

These were so comfortable and my feet did not swell at all.

I work long hours in hospital, on my feet all day, and by the end of the day my feet are always swollen there too.

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