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Denmark ceded the Scanian lands, the Estonian possessions and a third of Norway in the humiliating Second Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 and now with Swedish forces occupying most of Denmark proper too.

The occupied areas in both Denmark and Norway soon rebelled against the Swedish troops and succeeded in overcoming them, restoring Denmark-Norway in 1660.

In a combined effort to counter the rising power and influence of the Hanseatic League in the Baltic area, the Kalmar Union was ratified in 1397, unifying the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden under one rule.

Due to a complicated succession of unfortunate deaths and possibly some intrigues, fifteen year old Eric of Pomerania became first official monarch of the Kalmar Union.

senior dating Læsø

The main part of Denmark proper is Jutland, a peninsula north of Germany, but Denmark also includes a great number of islands, of which the major ones are Zealand and Funen.Of course much more lies beneath the surface, but for the traveller, Denmark is likely to prove convenient, safe, clean, but also quite expensive to visit. Leute kennenlernen halle Though not immediately obvious on a map, Denmark comprises more than 400 islands, of which 72 are populated.The peninsula of Jutland and the main islands comprise the regions we use in this guide.Zealand (Sjælland) (Copenhagen, North Zealand, West Zealand, South Zealand) Denmark's largest island with the capital Copenhagen.

Senior dating Læsø

The capital, Copenhagen, is located at the most eastern side of Zealand.Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European naval power, The Kingdom of Denmark is the oldest kingdom in the world, still in existence, but has evolved into a democratic, parliamentary, modern and prosperous nation.Nearly 40% of the country's population live here although it only accounts for 15% of the land area.The Danes are first mentioned in writings from the 6th century, and became widely known in the Viking age, when they together with their Norwegian and Swedish kin travelled far for trade, raids and settling (cf the Danelaw in Britain).The country is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe.

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